About Me

I am a wife, and a mother of two adult children who make me heart smile, have two lovable little dogs (a Chihuahua(Chacha) and a Jack-Russel/Yorkie Mix(Rufus), have been raped, got pregnant from the rape, it was ectopic and I had emergency life-saving surgery with a resulting emotional and physical scar; both of which have faded and been transformed into my superpowers.  
I have held dying parents, known heart break and feeling alone and have overcome and continue to live the legacy of my parents and a role model and beacon for my children, in being a voice to help others find their inner bliss.
I find awe in nature, love sacred geometry and raise endangered monarch butterflies in my backyard walk-in butterfly house. 
I am blessed.
I am here for you.
  • International Society of Ethical Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • National Certified Financial Literacy Instructor
  • American Marketing Association(speaker)
  • American Psychological Association
  • Thich Nhat Hanh/Plum Village, Online Sangha Leader & Inducted by the Dalai Lama
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Certified
  • American Art Therapy Association
  • The Yoga Alliance Approved School + Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Certified
  • + many specialty certifications
  • No BS approach, sometimes "potty mouth" but always compassionate to your emotions, spirit and embodied expression. 
  • Haiku and Art lover... creator... I create healing Haiku films at least once a month. Art at least 4x a month.
  • Join me and the community to heal, love, forgive and live
  • www.youtube.com/michelepaiva   subscribe! 

Why am I offering so much for free? 

Because I can.

Because when I was raped I was poor, feeling isolated and while I did have family to go to, I wanted to be a fighter in my own. 

I realized through the years that winning in life is not about fighting, it's about being vulnerable and open to love, healing and light.

So, I have a select group of 1:1 clients, but much of what I offer, barring a course or two and my shop, is free. I'm not giving; I'm giving back.