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The Ritual of Awe


It is that spark that takes you from feeling stuck to seeing solutions.

It is that space that allows you to enjoy your emotions & life.

Being in awe of life is a ritual we lost along the way, when stress took over.

Rituals help us to do everything from pray with intention to brush our teeth.

Objects, books and clothes that help us to create rituals in our lives,

help us to live emotionally rich lives.

My mantra of "Ignite Your Awe" is because

I want others experience that "inner-fire".

You might not be feeling like "igniting awe" if stressed,

reliving trauma or heartbroken.

Symbols of items that remind you of your awe, or that help you to get there, are incredibly important.

I have curated and hand-picked the gorgeous and symbolic items of inspired ritual, to help you to get to that space of really feeling your fuel.

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Bye Cellulite, Hi Happiness

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